Layering 201: finetrack 5 -Layer system

How has layering evolved? 

= Fundamentally, L1 to L5 is how finetrack breaks through the why, beyond the frozen limits of traditional layering to the roots of how you face the unforgiving alpine elements, to the boots of how you face the cold sweat truth of outdoor pursuits. To carve the rhythm, the fresh powder, the scrambled stones, the glassy water, layering the leaves, the ingested sunlight and elemental earth. Exponentially, higher.


Brave the elements

with exponential protection

At finetrack, our relentless drive to innovate and continuously refine our layer technology and materials, and to fundamentally rethink the traditional concept of layering from the ground up, has paid off with an evolutionary leap forward:


The finetrack 5-layer system

integrated, from L1 to L5

Versatile, responsive, high performance outdoor wear of superior quality – the key to finetrack’s reputation and respect for many years among Japan’s outdoor communities. Combining finetrack athletic wear layers supports you across a wide spectrum of seasons, climates, and conditions. In constantly changing natural environments, temperatures and weather can vary wildly depending on the climate zone, altitude, and other factors. Versatile and highly responsive, finetrack’s innovative 5-layer system truly offers exponential protection from the elements.


L1 = Elemental Layer 

Elementally, my dear Watson. Elemental protection is fundamental to finetrack’s layering system. Soft and comfortable, crafted from ultra-thin, water-repellent mesh fabric, the Elemental Layer is worn under the base layer like a second skin. This durable, water-repellent layer lets through sweat to the base layer through fine mesh, keeping you dry and comfortable, and protecting your skin from touching wet base layer while the base layer is drying. By wearing your Elemental Layer under your base layer, your skin stays dry and comfortable while your base layer does its job, and although it is an “extra” layer to wear, ultimately Elemental Layer lightens your load as you face the elements. Since you won’t have to worry about changing out of a wet base layer, you won’t have to carry an extra base layer to change into, reducing your overall gear weight. Most importantly, you will never have to wait out that wet, uncomfortably long 70-minute base layer drying time again. Depending on the situation you’re in, that 70 minutes just might save your life.

Innovative comfort created with finetrack-patented technology, the Elemental Layer was our flagship product when we first started up in Japan all those years ago, and we are excited to introduce it to users in Canada and the U.S. today. Simply add Elemental Layer under your base layer to stay dry, comfortable, and safe on your outdoor endeavors and experience the finetrack difference for yourself.

Elemental Layer = your first line of fundamental defense. Now available!

Experience Elemental protection today!

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L2 = Base Layer 

In finetrack’s integrated 5-layer system, our Base Layer is anything but basic. Worn as a second underwear layer overtop the Elemental Layer, our patented materials work synergistically to keep you dry, helping you conserve body heat and energy. The key function of a good base layer is to not only keep you warm, but also to wick sweat away from your skin to help keep you dry and comfortable. In recent years there have been many improvements to base layer materials, such as merino wool and wool/polyester hybrids, and the speed at which these materials wick sweat away and dry out has also improved. That said, with respect, these incremental improvements haven’t kept pace with the exponential innovation of finetrack’s layering system as we have continuously evolved our materials technologies over the years based on valuable user feedback and our relentless drive to continuously improve and refine our products. Our loyal users in Japan agree that finetrack’s patented Base Layer materials, in combination with the Elemental Layer, provide the best possible protection because we created them to work together in warm, dry synergy.

We are working hard to bring finetrack’s Base Layer to Canada and the U.S. soon!


L3 = Mid Layer

This insulating middle layer wicks sweat from the base layer so that it can evaporate, while helping retain body heat to protect you from the cold. The insulation of the mid layer also helps you retain body heat to protect you from the cold. The mid layer is key to maximize the synergistic effect of the overall system.


L4 = Midshell ®

A soft, waterproof, breathable shell, finetrack’s Midshell ® offers an extra layer of versatility and synergy. In combination with an outer shell, becomes a second barrier to prevent rain / water from entering your layer system. Alone, Midshell ® has excellent wind and water resistance, as well as moisture permeability to allow sweat to escape. It can act as a windbreaker and protect against rain to an extent, but by using it with an outer shell, water is thoroughly prevented from entering. Combining two outer layers allows them to function together with an insulating “double-pane window” effect, minimizing condensation, keeping you dry, comfortable, and warm while protecting you from the elements.


L5 = Outer Shell

The outer shell layer shields you from wind, rain, and snow, while allowing moisture to dissipate out from the inner four layers. What you choose to wear as an outer shell varies according to season, climate, activity, and weather conditions.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
- Aristotle


= L1 to L5, that is the how, layering fundamentally reimagined and rebooted from the ground up. Wind, rain, snow, sweat. Inhale, exhale, left, right. Higher. Longer. Stronger. Maximum drynes, warmth, breathability, and safety as you face the elements, the what, contemplate the sky and enjoy the earth. Exponential synergy for elemental protection.

Start with finetrack’s Elemental Layer and experience the finetrack difference for yourself. 

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We aspire to have the privilege of bringing our full layering system, including Base Layer, Mid Layer, Midshell ® and Outer Shell, into the Canadian and U.S. markets. We can’t wait to introduce our full line-up to our fellow outdoor enthusiasts in North America! 

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