Made in Japan

Made in Japan
Made for the Elements


At finetrack we are proudly dedicated to ensuring our products are 100% made in Japan. Adopting a research and development system that combines Japan’s world-leading textile technologies and material culture with the lessons nature has taught us in our first-hand experiences of real-world performance requirements has given us the ability to create truly impressive products that exceed not only our loyal customers’ expectations, but also our own.


Japan’s world-leading textile technologies
+ finetrack’s uniquely innovative ideas


The world’s first water-repellent undergarments, DryLayer ®, a.k.a. Elemental Layer. Our flagship product, and the cornerstone of our integrated layering system.  An evolutionary leap forward in elemental protection.



Our Base Layer, developed from yarn that synergistically combines the best aspects of natural materials and synthetic fibers, designed to be used with maximum effectiveness in tandem with our Elemental Layer.


Ultra-lightweight and highly breathable yet extremely durable shelters constructed using the newly developed TENSION SLING™ made using Dyneema®, an incredibly strong synthetic fiber.


EVERBREATH® waterproof, breathable material, stretchable in any direction to fit like a glove.


The world’s first sheet-shaped 3-dimensional thermal insulation material, FINEPOLYGON ®, astonishingly light, warm, and water-resistant.


These are just a few of finetrack’s products, developed with careful attention to their core ideas and fundamental purpose, constructed with finest textiles technologies, field-tested in the face of nature’s elemental fury, and relentlessly refined to our ever-higher standards of performance.




The philosophy of finetrack’s production methods


The outdoor industry is supported by nature and those who love spending time engaging in outdoor pursuits. However, being a part of the outdoor industry does not automatically mean that ecologically friendly ideas are employed throughout the production and distribution process.


From mass overseas production to keep costs down to focusing narrowly on throwaway trends, from mid-season price drops to products that will be considered out of style come next year, these are just a few of the issues faced by mass production–based manufacturers.


In light of this, you could say that finetrack is working backwards. However, at finetrack, our focus on engineering superior products that rise above the rest, while not being bound by their production age, all within Japan, is not a philosophy we are willing to compromise. We dedicate ourselves to creating products that can be used for many years to come, providing value that far surpasses the price tag, and ensuring a lighter environmental impact.



Having our customers use finetrack products until they are torn to shreds
is an incomparable honour.


We often see products made from textiles procured in Japan but sewn together overseas, or from materials imported to be sewn domestically. At finetrack, we consciously choose to do everything — from yarn-making to knitting, finishing fabrics, cutting, and sewing — in Japan. The reason that Japan’s textile technologies are the best in the world is because everyone involved has grown together to create a comprehensive textile industry that starts front the roots of material culture itself and ends with the quality of the finished product. Our decision to manufacture products in Japan is a testament to our dedication to keeping that collective spirit alive.


Nevertheless, creating products wholly in Japan — from development to production — is not without its challenges, including costs. To pursue our mission, we at finetrack are dedicated to improving supply-chain management, from purchasing to sales. Rather than focusing only on price and bottom line, we strive to continuously deliver products with ever-higher value.  



Our sincere joy and dedication to outdoor pursuits
is the fundamental roots of our ideas and styles.


Above all else, we at finetrack enjoy the outdoors. One of the main reasons for this is the natural landscape Japan has to offer: lush green hillsides, vibrant seas and rivers, snow-capped peaks. Our goal is to share this joy with as many people as possible.


Over the past several years, finetrack has enjoyed strong, organic growth based on our values of quality, integrity, durability, and relentless innovation, always incorporating valuable feedback from our ever-increasing loyal following in Japan’s domestic outdoor gear market, always learning from nature’s teachings as we test our products in the elements. 


We at finetrack are excited to introduce our original flagship product that started it all, the Elemental Layer, to our fellow outdoor enthusiasts in North America, and we are working hard to bring many more of our fine products to you in the future.


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