Product Tester Registration

Thank you for showing your interest in finetrack and our Elemental Layer!

We are currently looking for "Product Testers", people who would like to test our product out in the field. In order to maintain the skill level of testers, this invitation is sent out by referral only. If you are interested, please sign up from the registration form at the bottom of the page!


Product to be tested:

- Elemental Layer Short Sleeve ( Please see the product detail from here

 Elemental layer, in short, is a water repellent mesh layer designed to be worn next to your skin, under the base layer, to protect your skin from touching wet base layer during the time the base layer is doing its job of wicking and drying the sweat or any moisture away. It is not a base layer, it is designed to work together with the high-performance base layer.


Tester Requirements:

- Intermediate to expert level in one or more outdoor activities

- Willing to answer 5-10 min. product survey after the test. (Survey will be emailed to you within a few weeks)

- Has referral from one of our friends on the referrer list.



- A tester can keep the product used for testing. No monetary rewards.


Other Notes:

- This is just the product test only to be used internally. It will be unofficial and we will not be publishing your name, photo, or any other information without your permission. We understand that many of you may already have apparel sponsorship so we make sure that we don't get you in trouble in any ways.


If you would like to go ahead and participate, please click the link below and fill in the registration form!




Thank you!

finetrack North America