Women's Elemental Layer Long Sleeve Crew
Women's Elemental Layer Long Sleeve Crew
Women's Elemental Layer Long Sleeve Crew
Women's Elemental Layer Long Sleeve Crew
Women's Elemental Layer Long Sleeve Crew

Women's Elemental Layer Long Sleeve Crew

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Elemental protection is fundamental to finetrack’s layering system.

Soft and comfortable, crafted from ultra-thin, water-repellent mesh fabric, the Elemental Layer is worn under the base layer like a second skin. This durable, water-repellent layer lets through sweat to the base layer through fine mesh, keeping you dry and comfortable by protecting your skin from touching wet base layer during the time the base layer is drying.

It is designed to be semi-tight fit to your body, however, with its highly stretchable soft mesh textile, it won't get in your way for any movements.

Product features
■  protects your skin from touching wet base layer and keeps your skin dry and helps retain your body heat
■high performance versatility regardless of season or extreme weather conditions
■stretchable and soft mesh fabric follows the movements of the body for stress-free comfort
■enhanced durable water repellency, retains 80% of water repellence after 150 washes
■antibacterial properties with deodorant effect
■soft and comfortable, ultra light and ultra thin for a translucent, ethereal feeling
Product notes, use, and care
Elemental Layer is only effective when layered with a fast-wick, fast-dry, high-performance base layer. Please wear Elemental Layer directly on your skin and layer with a high-performance base layer.
Use = Elemental Layer is constructed from a delicate knit fabric made of synthetic materials to achieve both ethereal lightness and superior functionality. While engineered to be as durable as possible, please be advised that damage to the fabric may occur from repeated rubbing, contact with sharp objects, or accidental hooking on branches or hook-and-loop fasteners.
Care = The knit fabric can potentially shrink after repeated use and washing; in particular, please take extra care to avoid tumbler drying as the heat may cause significant shrinkage. Elemental Layer should be hand-washed or machine washed using the Laundry Net on a gentle, cold cycle. Hang or lie flat to dry – the same engineering that keeps your skin dry when wearing Elemental Layer helps it dry very quickly after washing. 
When washing, please select a liquid laundry detergent that does not contain or has very little amount of  "fabric softener" or "fragrance".  Relatively economical, free&gentle, or eco-friendly, detergents tend to have less of those ingredients. Also, please avoid using detergents for other purposes, such as bleach, synthetic kitchen detergents, or wetsuit detergents, as they may cause functional deterioration.
[Supported activities] = outdoor activities in general 
[Material] = 100% polyester
[Weight]: 47 g / 1.7 oz


Made In Japan